School Spotlight – East Bronx Academy – Ring Ceremony

About the Program

East Bronx Academy for the Future (EBA) celebrated what is now an annual event and a rite of passage at their school, the ESI Ring Ceremony. Last year, the young men in the Class of 2016 freshmen cohort received their graduation rings during a commitment ceremony that was witnessed by staff, peers, parents and guardians. These young men received their ring and read a pledge that focused on things that they needed to do in order to graduate in 2016.

School Spotlight

This year, the tradition continued with the Class of 2017 receiving their graduation ring. Having received their rings last year, the current 10th grade young men received an “ESI Gentleman Sweater” with a 16 on the back symbolizing an ongoing commitment to graduate in 2016.

In a sign of brotherhood, the Class of 2016 gave the sweater to the Class of 2017 and in reciprocation, the Class of 2017 gave the ring to the Class of 2016. Parents, guardians, staff and peers again came out for this evening ceremony (in spite of the pending snow storm) to support and encourage the young men.

Sarah Scrogin, Principal of EBA, told the young men to remember the feeling of pride and excitement that they were having during the ceremony because in 2 years, the class of 2016 will experience it again at graduation and in 3 years the freshmen cohort will do the same.

Congrats to Principal Scrogin, the EBA staff, and the young men and students at the school.