School Spotlight – Brooklyn High School for Law & Technology – School-Wide Retreat

About the Program

On Saturday, March 8, members of the Brooklyn High School for Law and Technology community held a day-long ESI school-wide retreat at the LaGuardia Marriot. Over 60 stakeholders including the entire school staff, student scholars, parents, external partners, and representatives from the ESI central team gathered to begin the process of rewriting the vision for the school community utilizing ESI practices as a basis and framework.

School Spotlight

Participants utilized the four D’s of the Appreciative Inquiry Process to guide their visioning: Discover, Dream, Design, and Deploy. As participants ‘Dreamed’ of what they wanted their school to look like in five years, they were then asked to ‘Design’ it, tapping into design thinking to use concrete objects and materials to help realize their vision for the future Brooklyn High School for Law and Technology.

The result was an inspiring and motivating experience for all involved. As part of next steps, all ideas and responses were captured into a working document for all stakeholders, point persons were identified, and plans to continue the conversation at subsequent staff-wide retreats in June and September were planned.