School Spotlight – Baltimore, Maryland Annual Trip

About the Program

On April 3rd, ESI gentlemen from East Bronx Academy invaded Baltimore, Maryland for their annual overnight trip. On the first night of their trip, the ESI gentlemen went to see the Baltimore Orioles play the Boston Red Sox. The stands were filled with a sea of blue and grey as the boys wore their ESI cardigan sweaters.

School Spotlight

  • The boys were bombarded with questions about what ESI was and what did it mean to be a part of ESI from other spectators. The boys handled the questions very well stating, “It’s an all-boys program that helps us stay focused on graduating high school and furthering our education.” “It’s a support system.” “We’re family!” As if getting special attention from other spectators wasn’t enough, during the game’s seventh inning stretch, the Jumbotron flashed “The Baltimore Orioles welcomes the ESI gentlemen from East Bronx Academy.” The ESI gentlemen cheered and were so proud to be a part of ESI.

    The excitement of the game carried on into Friday. The ESI gentlemen woke up ready to take on the day. The gentlemen visited Morgan State University. Morgan State University had their annual open house. The ESI gentlemen attended seminars on the majors they were interested in. They participated in a campus tour of the academic buildings, dorm, and sports gymnasium. They asked important questions and took in the college experience by speaking to current students. As the ESI gentlemen left the campus, they were curious about which college they would go to and whether Morgan State University was the right college for them. After their trip, the ESI gentlemen returned to EBA thankful for the unforgettable experience.