School Spotlight – Explorations Academy High School — 1st Annual College Fair

About the Program

The staff at Explorations Academy High School provide students with opportunities for social and academic success where they can value their life experiences and build a sense of self-esteem and pride, while preparing them for their transition into college and/or a professional career. The goal of the school is for every graduate to be an authentic learner, to gain the analytic and social skills needed to excel in this ever changing world and to become an active and productive citizen in this fast-paced, information age.

School Spotlight

Recently, Explorations Academy hosted their 1st Annual College Fair. In the past, students have been informed of various fairs around the city but for the first time under the coordination of the guidance counselor, Raul Garcia, and the community assistant, Yadhira Rodriguez, the colleges and universities came to the school. Their hard work and persistent recruitment contributed to participation by over 30 colleges and universities. Not only was it the first college fair hosted by Explorations Academy but it was the first college fair to occur in the building where Explorations is one of four schools. In the spirit of collaboration and community, Susana Hernandez, the principal, invited the middle school and another high school in the building to participate.

After a light breakfast and introductions, student volunteers led the participants to the gymnasium where they set up and prepared to meet and greet the students. In addition to the fair in the gym, representatives from a number of schools went to various classrooms throughout the day and led workshops focused on college readiness.

As a result of ESI, last year the school had a Career Fair/Career Day. This year they hosted a College Fair. Next year, they plan to host a College and Career Day. Congrats to the staff and students at Explorations Academy. Great Job!